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 “Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go.” -T.S Eliot

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The Measure Of Ella


“There is nothing stronger than a broken woman
who has rebuilt herself.” 
  – Hannah Gadsby 


The islands frightened Ella with their uncivilized rawness. They looked like a place where anything could happen, a godforsaken outcrop at the end of the world.


Sea-faring chef Ella Morgan is an honest woman — until her life falls apart. When her dream of owning a restaurant is shattered by the death of her father and loss of her inheritance, she is suddenly alone in the world. Desperate for money, she risks a one-time chance to crew on a Caribbean drug run, only to find herself fighting for her life in a violent underworld.


The Measure of Ella is much more than a high-seas adventure thriller. It’s about a young woman, alone in the world, pursuing a dream at all costs. It’s about the power ambition has over reason, on how chance and circumstance play a significant role in how our lives unfold, and about the choices we make that define our character and shape our path.


Set in the Caribbean, The Measure of Ella is a dramatic story of love, murder, high-seas action, and the consequences of pursuing a dream at all costs. Like Girl on the Train, it unwinds with gripping suspense from a woman’s point of view. With its brave, strong, complex female protagonist at the helm of a high seas adventure, the novel is entirely unique.

"A page-turning thriller set in the murky underworld of the Caribbean. The sailing life is beautifully rendered. A must for all who wish to enter an exciting new environment for an adventure." – Michael Chapman, cinematographer, Taxi Driver, Raging Bull



December 2019


"A compelling, fast-paced thrill ride.  Jones’ debut novel tells the story of a woman who finds herself on a criminal adventure on the open waters of the Caribbean."

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